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I’m really happy to see you here. I’m Elizabeth, and I’m the creator of Willow Root Tarot. In addition to that, I’ve also run the weekly meeting for the Dallas Tarot Club since 2018.

I’m a professional tarot reader who reads both individually and for couples (weekly or impromptu) and for professional group sessions (corporate events, private parties, grand openings, etc).

I absolutely love tarot. The cards have helped me better communicate with my husband, my self-esteem, my parenting and my decision making. Taking a moment to flip a card and see where my best next word comes from or how I can react helps to ground me and I’d like to share these messages of help with you.

Tarot has this wonderful vibe of come-as-you-are, and everyone is welcome. I embrace that here at Willow Root Tarot.

Come with me and we’ll find the messages in the cards together.

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